Amazing what you will see on your way home...

Walking home from work each evening, at the same time, along the same streets, past the same landmarks in the same city - from a photographic perspective, it can be a struggle to justify bringing your camera with you in the morning. I'm often guilty of saying to myself 'there's nothing new to shoot' or 'nothing much happens around here'. 
However I couldn't be more wrong, there simply isn't a bad time not to bring your camera out with you. Some of my favourite shots have come from unplanned chance moments and simply having a camera in my hand at that particular point in time!

Today was a classic example... leaving for work in the morning, in the rush for the bus I struggled to justify bringing my camera with me.
On the same daily return home (7.30pm) I walked past the same car park outside the same miners cabin on the same 99st.
This time however, things were a little different - a vintage car meet-up was taking place in the not-so-same-old carpark. Boom. Photographic opportunity knocks!

I love cars and particularly older vintage cars - it's amazing the loving attention to detail and meticulous care that each owner will give to their baby. 

On this day, I'm so glad I took my camera out with me. I plan to make the black and white mustang in this series into print.